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Sigma Tile

Tile in Fort Collins and Norther Colorado

About Us

For the Love of Tile

I have been in the construction business all my life. My father was a home builder and built commercial steel buildings and I learned from him. I have done many tile jobs over the years and have always enjoyed the creation process in this medium. Tile has a beauty not found in most building finishes.

Company History

I have extensive experience as a framer,  crew leader, roofer, and home builder. After the housing collapse I went back to work with my father performing  maintenance and property management services. I moved to Loveland Colorado in 2014 and formed Heavy Maintenance,  LLC. I subsequently did several tile jobs and in 2015 started contracting through Loveland Design Center. Since then I have focused all of my efforts on tile and in 2018 I filed for a DBA for Sigma Tile. 

Sigma Tile

Sigma Tile  is my search for creative advancement. I am looking for artistic projects that stand out and enjoy creating custom baths and kitchens in the Northern Colorado area.